High pressure die casting | Aluminum and zinc

From initial design for manufacturing to prototyping and production, ADAMS Die Cast can help you bring you project to fruition. We will help you ensure that your product is design is optimized for efficient manufacturing, ensuring that you receive a high quality product and the most economical cost.


Our team will help you take your product from concept or initial design and ensure that it is optimized for the high pressure die cast process. You don't need to be an expert in die cast design - we have that covered for you.


Whether your product is simple or requires complex machining, our in-house capabilities ensure accurate lead times and strict quality control for your production needs.


When extra services are needed, we can simplify your supply chain whether through our local partnerships with coating and finishing experts or through our in-house kitting and assembly.  Let us handle the procurement and deliver a finished product to your dock.


Utilize our knowledge to optimize your design for die cast, whether looking for alloy recommendations or assistance in applying draft and preparing your model for casting. Our review can help you to consolidate components into a single precise cast part, utilize core slides to eliminate machining, or even cast around components inserted into the mold to produce otherwise impossible geometry. 


ADAMS Die Cast has experience producing components across all industries. Our innovative approaches to cost savings and superior products. No matter how complex the project, we can provide quality full-service solutions and affordable costs.
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